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Jamie Foxx gets one of his first ‘cracks’ at the big screen and makes the most of it.
Comedy Feature
As wrongfully convicted prisoners, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence transcend the jailyard in this offbeat buddy comedy.
Horror Feature
A darkly warped supernatural screamfest meets video game crossover.
Aaron Eckhart and Elizabeth Banks kill it in this twisted comedy about an everyman who tries to turn his life around.
Drama Feature
Will Smith packs a wallop with a bold and brave depiction of one of the most fascinating men in the history of sport.
Jason Biggs gets some big comedic assists from Jack Black and Steve Zahn in a rollicking and raunchy guilty pleasure.
Documentary Feature
Beyond the KO's, the face tattoo and the tiger is a Mike Tyson the world hardly knows — this is your chance.
A live-action spin on the vampire-themed anime Blood + that delivers on killer fight scenes and stays true to its roots.
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