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Comedy Feature
As wrongfully convicted prisoners, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence transcend the jailyard in this offbeat buddy comedy.
Sci-Fi Feature
A town's underground monster troubles go back to the wild west, as revealed in this delightfully campy horror prequel.
Sci-Fi Feature
The mysterious creature at the center of this sequel make a sound that alone could be enough to keep you up at night.
An unflinching look at urban-bred rage and salvation that has lost none of its shock and awe.
Seann William Scott volleys the raunchy funny in an underdog spoof that does for tennis what Kingpin did for bowling.
Comedy Feature
Jason Schwartzman breaks bad in a meth-fueled descent into darkness tweaked with black humor and unexpected cameos
Known more for slapstick than dramatic work, Rob Schneider surprises as a guy with a second chance and an unusual power.
Cloning humans is no joke, unless it's Michael Keaton in this pre-genome-mapping-era romp about duplicating yourself.
Featured Watchlist: Chad Micahel Murray
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  3. Tremors
    Expires: 5/31/2014
  4. The Rum Diary
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